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All-New Motorola Razr Is Ready To Stand Against Samsung In The Smartphone Market

According to the new leaked images, Motorola will launch the foldable Razr phone’s successor. Evan Blass released the leaked images. The images show the new look of the foldable smartphone by Motorola. The image is readily available on the internet, and it shows that the clamshell shaped-phones are going to re-enter the phone market.  

If you look at the bottom of this smartphone, you might see that it is slightly smaller. The display support is at a certain angle, and it really looks like Galaxy Z Flip.  Both the display and the device look more comprehensive, but it’s just a leaked image, so nothing is confirmed. 

What’s Interesting About This Smartphone?

If you have a quick look at this device, you might find that there is a large camera bump on this smartphone. It looks like there is a lens protector on the top of the camera that makes it an oddly designed smartphone. But it is quite challenging to tell other specs based on images. 

Apart from the design, there will be one main feature addition in the foldable smartphone, which will be 5G connectivity. According to the rumours, Motorola’s next smartphone might be Motorola “Odyssey” or Motorola Razr 2020 5G. The availability of the 5G features means there will be a new chip, but there is no confirmed news about which chip will be used in this smartphone. If you see the original Razr, you will find that it was powered by the 710 processor, which is considered as the mid-range processor. You can expect a high-end processor in the upcoming 5G smartphone by Motorola. 

Other Leaks

Some other leaks state that the Motorola’s 5G smartphone might have 2,845 mAh battery, 20MP secondary camera, 48MP primary camera, 256GB storage, and 8GB RAM. According to the leaks, the company might announce this smartphone in September or at the start of October. Everyone is clueless about the actual release and announcement date. 

But after analyzing the leaked images of the upcoming smartphone by Motorola, it is clear that they will release a smartphone with improved specifications and features rather than launching the true successor, just like the Galaxy Flip 5G smartphone. 

There is a strong possibility that Motorola is planning something interesting. The successor might be a more durable display smartphone.

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