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Xiaomi Will Soon Let You Put Your Wireless Earbuds Inside Your Phone

Everyone knows how painful it can be when you lose your wireless earbuds. Everyone loves their wireless earbuds, and they might feel bad when they lose them. Also, because of their tiny size, wireless earbuds are quite easy to lose.

But, you should thank Xiaomi as they have made a plan to solve this issue. There is no doubt that Xiaomi is working hard to offer advanced smartphone technology. Currently, they are working on some of the futuristic programs that can change the mobile industry in the near future. 

Reportedly, Xiaomi is working on a smartphone that has two circular holes on its top that can be used as compartments to carry the wireless buds. 

Recently, Xiaomi has filled the information report regarding the patent of the two elements in their upcoming smartphone. First is the design of their upcoming smartphone, and the second is the placement of the compartments for storing the audio accessory. The company filled the details on July 24, 2020. 

The documentation shows that Xiaomi is working on creating an exciting design for its upcoming smartphones. Possibly, you will not get the notch screen, punch-hole, and pop-up selfie camera with this upcoming smartphone by Xiaomi. Xiaomi will rely on their under-screen camera.

The most exciting part of its design is two circles on the top of this smartphone. At first glance from the front, these holes look similar to the camera or speaker system. But in reality, these holes will store the truly wireless earbuds by Xiaomi. 

In simple words, you can take an example of the iconic S Pen of the Note Series by Samsung. The S Pen comes installed on the phone, and if you want to use it, you have to take it out from the phone. 

The company will ship this phone with its in-house wireless earbuds, which will be slim and trim. It will be circular-shaped true wireless earbuds by Xiaomi will be sold with their upcoming smartphone.

However, smartphones are highly exposed to environmental damage like dust and water. So, it becomes important for the company to get the IP certification for the smartphone. Generally, the buds are round and thick in order to provide a secure and comfortable fit. But the new earbuds by Xiaomi are slim. Due to this design, users might face problems while wearing them for a longer duration. 

No patent guarantees the release of the particular feature, service or product. But there is hope that the efficient and the futuristic design might hit the market soon.

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